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Our mission is to deliver prompt, straight-forward quotes and outstanding product and customer service.
Creative packaging solutions for your requirements of bottles, vials, and/or sprayers.
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At Cosmeticpack, we guarantee that the efforts you put into your cosmetics is captured in our packaging.


As a solution provider for the cosmetics industry, we understand your needs as a growing company in a rapidly changing industry.

We keep things simple so that you can get back to what really matters most to you - making great product. 


We deliver prompt and straight-forward quotes and outstanding product and customer service.

At Cosmeticpack, we source from various factories throughout Asia, ensuring that we can offer you the value you deserve so that we can be your most convenient resource for all your cosmetic needs.

We provide options for creating a unique solution to help your product stand out in the crowd. Cosmeticpack offers the packaging resources to get your product to where you want it!

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Whether it's perfume bottles, roll on bottles, pumps, or atomizers, find exactly what you need in our catalogs below
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Nitti Sachdeva

Tel: 802-310-7370

Fax: 802-658-3818

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